Men’s Fraternity

Well, I haven’t been posting as much during the last couple of weeks.  Basically because I have had other things to do.  That’s the way life goes.

I am offering this brief post to begin building enthusiasm for an incredible opportunity available to all men in the Baton Rouge area, beginning in September.  (Actually, it is available to many of you in many other areas, as well.)


I have recently been asked by the men who have been leading Men’s Fraternity at our church, The Chapel, to step up and take leadership of this ministry.  I guess they decided to put me to the test on two of the key traits of authentic manhood, “Reject Passivity” and “Lead Courageously!”  I will be writing much more about this throughout the summer and early fall.

I wish words on a blog could adequately tell you how profoundly my participation in Men’s Fraternity impacted my life over the past year.  In the coming weeks and months, I will attempt to do just that.  Men, I’m telling you, Men’s Fraternity will change your life!  For now, I will share with you the words of one our pastors, who was also my excellent small group leader:

Men of Men’s Fraternity, after teach through the material for three years I went through year one again via video at the Lamar building with more men.  It was again wonderful.  What I found was how much I need to have the content of year one a part of my regular conversation.  Additionally, it allowed me to be real with men in a small group — i miss the men I met with for three years.  Let me encourage you to look for Men’s Frat. starting again this fall.  Please consider join us.  Bring some men with you or consider being a “table host.”  Much of the difference is made as men talk about the applications and build friendships.  I know you’ll be encourage and strengthened.  I hope that you are continuing to reject passivity, accept responsibility, lead courageously and expect God’s greater reward!

Kevin McKee
Teaching Pastor
The Chapel

Guys, get ready for Men’s Frat!
With Hope in Him,

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