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Five Reasons to Bring Me to Your Church, School, or Organization to Speak

Whatever your reasons, I know you are already considering seeking some kind of guidance or encouragement from me – you’re reading my blog post. So, I think it’s safe to assume you (and probably several others you know) could use some inspiration and direction. Given that, here are five reasons to consider bringing me to speak to you and your people in your church, school, or other organizational community.



This one just doesn’t get old.  I’m SO the first guy! Happy Dad’s Day, Fellas.  While this vid is just for fun, let’s not forget…we have the most powerful position in the world.  Men,...


Convicted Much?

Watch this video… [youtube][/youtube] Now watch this video… [youtube][/youtube] I dare you to watch the first one again now. Maybe you’re not an LSU fan, so it’s easy to dismiss.  And perhaps you genuinely...

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