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Five Reasons to Bring Me to Your Church, School, or Organization to Speak 0

Five Reasons to Bring Me to Your Church, School, or Organization to Speak

Whatever your reasons, I know you are already considering seeking some kind of guidance or encouragement from me – you’re reading my blog post. So, I think it’s safe to assume you (and probably several others you know) could use some inspiration and direction. Given that, here are five reasons to consider bringing me to speak to you and your people in your church, school, or other organizational community.

Nine Minutes 0

Nine Minutes

Nine Minutes.  I just set a timer giving me nine minutes to write this blog post. Nine Minutes. As of today, this is how long it takes me to run a mile.  You may...

Hammer Time!  The Process of Parenting 0

Hammer Time! The Process of Parenting

After wanting to do this for a long time, my wife and I were finally able to get new counter tops in our bathrooms this week.  To save some money, I decided to tackle...

Grasp the Sword! 0

Grasp the Sword!

The once strong, commanding king now sits in bewilderment.  The faces of family and friends around him are deeply familiar, yet he can’t quite place them.  He feels as though he has just been...

Character 1


Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.     – John Wooden I have one of...

I survived my first budget meeting! (And you can, too) 1

I survived my first budget meeting! (And you can, too)

Talk is cheap.  I won’t make a big to-do at this point about my new journey with my wife and family into Financial Peace via Dave Ramsey’s course at our church until I have...

Home Improvement 0

Home Improvement

(This image was so gloriously cheesy that I simply couldn’t resist using it!)   Thanks to a generous Christmas gift, my wife and I are now moving forward with some home improvements that we...

A Good Timin’ Man 0

A Good Timin’ Man

[youtube][/youtube] Lately I have been introducing my son to some of the greats of classic Southern fried rock, country, and the like.  He’s been jammin with me to some of the best of Skynyrd,...

Dad 0


This one just doesn’t get old.  I’m SO the first guy! Happy Dad’s Day, Fellas.  While this vid is just for fun, let’s not forget…we have the most powerful position in the world.  Men,...

Convicted Much? 1

Convicted Much?

Watch this video… [youtube][/youtube] Now watch this video… [youtube][/youtube] I dare you to watch the first one again now. Maybe you’re not an LSU fan, so it’s easy to dismiss.  And perhaps you genuinely...

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