Five Reasons to Bring Me to Your Church, School, or Organization to Speak

DSC06416Whatever your reasons, I know you are already considering seeking some kind of guidance or encouragement from me – you’re reading my blog post.  So, I think it’s safe to assume you (and probably several others you know) could use some inspiration and direction.  Given that, here are five reasons to consider bringing me to speak to you and your people in your church, school, or other organizational community:

1.  I’m better in person.  My goal for my website has always been to help and encourage as many people as possible around the globe, regardless of whether or not we ever meet face to face.  And I continue to work in this pursuit.  But I’m a people person, for sure.  And that means you will get my best when we are in the same room, sharing ideas and stories, and responding to the energy we see in one another.

2.  You’ll have better community support.  Whether you need help parenting an unruly adolescent, overcoming an addiction in your life, facing the daunting task of moving your life in a new direction, or help in a troubled marriage – by being a part of a larger group seeking help together, you won’t feel so alone.  And we always make better, more lasting improvements in our lives when we do so in community, rather than in isolation.

3.  It’s less intimidating than therapy.  This may be what I do for a living, but I get it.  Setting an appointment with a therapist can be intimidating.  You don’t know what to expect.  You don’t know what I’ll ask.  Or what I might challenge you to do.  You wonder what others will think.  I know there are numerous barriers that can keep many folks from setting up a first therapy appointment, even at times when you know in your heart you need some kind of serious help.  Setting up and attending a workshop or seminar can be a great alternative that feels much less daunting.

4.  It’s a very affordable option.  Oh, yeah, that’s the other big reason many may not even consider scheduling a therapy appointment with me – the cost.  If that’s what has been stopping you, ask around!  If you know even a handful of people in your school or church community who have also held back on seeking help due to the cost, chances are there are more than you realize.  And given what most organizations will charge per registrant for a seminar like mine, you will be paying about 1/5 the price you would pay for the same amount of personalized time in my office.  That’s some serious savings!

5.  It may be the best way you can help that friend of yours.  Many of the business cards I give away are to people who are concerned about a friend or family member, and they are hoping this person will be willing to get help.  Sometimes I do hear from them.  Oftentimes, I do not.  For all the same reasons I listed in number 3 above, inviting your friend or family member to a seminar may offer much more readily acceptable help to them than urging them to call me for therapy.  This is especially true if you tell them you will also be attending, and you have paid their registration fee for them.

If you are curious to get a preview of what you might experience with me at a live event, check out my YouTube page:  I will be adding more videos from my office and clips from my seminars in the coming weeks and months.  Please let me know what you find helpful!

I look forward to meeting you and the people in your life community very soon.

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