The following are comments shared by actual clients of Dr. Butner – based on their experiences…

Only had one meeting but really think this is a good fit for my daughter. She usually does not open up to counselors but looks like they may be able to get some meaningful dialog going and get to some issues that have been ongoing. I truly pray this is a good fit!!     – C. F.


Roger has helped me and my family through a few crisis situations . He is a great listener and gives sound, Christian advice. He is real and compassionate. I know that if I need a honest perspective I can always count on him to provide practical solutions and he is not afraid to confront “attitude”. He has been a blessing to my family.     – M. G.


Only had one meeting so far and pleased with the start. Started reading the recommended book Love & Respect that has caught my interest.Looking foward to future discussions.     – B. S.


Dr. Butner has worked with my family on several occasions on different subjects. Therapy isn’t my favorite thing, but Dr. Butner certainly makes it easy and productive, so I continue to see him with my family. Thanks Roger.     – J. G.


Dr. Butner has been a great help to me while working through my issues. I would recommend him to anyone in need of help.     – J. M.


My husband and I have been married for 32 years. It’s time for a “tune up”. I called a friend of mine who is a marriage counselor and she highly recommend Roger. We have had our first visit with Roger. Too early to tell but so far so good. He related to us through travel and marriage stories. Made us feel that we weren’t alone. Liked him.     – T. K.


Ever since I’ve met Dr. Butner, his patience with me, his listening skills and his overwhelming concern for his clients welfare, is beyond reproach . He’s proven to be the most trusted person I’ve ever met. I thank God daily for putting him in my life. If you need anything he’s the man that can help.     – B. C.


I have been seeing Roger for over a year now. He has helped me figure myself out and how to deal with the problems that life throws at us. I can honestly say if it wasn’t for Roger, I have no idea where I would be or who I would be.  Roger knows who the real D_____ is and still likes the person he sees.      – D. H.


I am learning and dealing with a lot of my emotional feelings,recognizing my role and responsibilities. Great counsel.     – G. L.


I have only had one session with Dr. Butner so far, but the session was great. I feel like he really listened, and gave me some great advice that I can definitely apply to my life. He is outgoing, friendly, and caring. If you are looking for a good therapist, especially one who specializes in addiction therapy, look no further!     – L. J.


I have had several sessions with Dr. Butner and he is extremely easy to talk to. He often gives similar example from his life that put you at ease and help you to understand that other people face the same challenges as you do. His recommended reading is spot on and allows you to grow and understand new ways of solving your problems or issues. My wife and I appreciate all that he has done for our family. – R. R.


Dr. Roger Butner has been my son’s counselor for the past year. We went through a very hard spiritual trial and Dr. Butner helped us through with his spiritual knowledge tremendously. His knowledge could only come from being a very spiritual person. I feel that God has truly placed him in our life and we are truly thankful. I highly recommend Dr. Butner for any and all family and spiritual issues.     – M. J.


Every aspect of our young teen’s life seemed to be spiraling out of control while we watched helplessly. We were all suffering. We turned to God. Prayed. And then there was Roger offering hope, comfort & stability. Sometimes teens can’t disclose all their fears & secrets & mistakes to a parent. Roger became the confidant our daughter needed. He did not fix our problems or hers but taught us all how to fix them together. The view is very different today! Thanks Roger.     – Grateful Parents


Dr. Butner has not just been my counselor, but a great friend as well. Through his counseling and guidance; I have found my way back to God, and in the process saved my marriage and family. My length of sobriety and level of humility continue to grow.     – J. B.


Dr Butner, in our first meeting recommended: “The seven desires of every heart” by Mark and Debra Lasser. His insight helped determine what and where I am. I was very impressed. I have read numerous books, but this one goes to the core where you can actually peel back the layers.     – C. H.


We are newly married and found we needed help to improve our communication; namely to play fair when we disagree or discussions become heated. The suggestions Roger offered gave us were just what we needed: new tools to use when we communicate and a different perspective on the deeper issues that came to play also. Also to mention, we were seeking secular counseling and were so pleased that he was able to translate his faith in to a spiritual light that we could embrace. Highly recommend.     – T. C.


I have never talked to anyone as professional in the counseling ranks. Very real and get to the problem. I am looking forward to another session. He understands my issues and that has never happened before.     – K. L.


He is very down to earth, honest and “called” to do this job! “Christian” counseling is looked down upon in most graduate social work programs. How does one go about true change in one’s life without the hand of the One who gave them life? There should be more professionals like him who are not afraid to also be vulnerable and human while desiring to help others achieve a more healthy and joyful life.     – D. D.


Only had one session with Dr. Butner. I immediately scheduled another and will likely have several more. Very easy going, easy to talk with. Cannot yet comment on his counseling. Too early for that. Initial impression was very good.     – J. W.


I highly recommend Dr. Butner to anyone looking for a Christian counselor. He makes you feel comfortable even though you are discussing difficult situations.     – K.


Dr Butner is a calming, compassionate counselor whose nonjudgmental yet firm style allows the client to think through the problems with structure and a guiding hand. a sense of humor never hurts either.     – L. P.


God is so faithful. An answered prayer. We both desired some one who possessed Christian values and who were not ashamed to share God’s word as led by the Holy Spirit. Dr. Butner is a God send. Very calm, very patient and an excellent listener with his heart as well as his ears. I recommend him highly. You will never regret it. Call him now!!!     – S. & E. K.


Dr. Butner is a totally professional, empathetic, kind hearted, insightful counselor – and one who will go the “extra mile” for you. The marital relationship counseling he provided helped both my husband & I during an extremely trying and difficult season of our marriage.  He is like no other counselor I’ve ever known. His warm, caring manner is a rare quality in this day. I will always hold him in the highest regard. Also – a terrific sense of humor, a wonderful Christian southern gentleman. Highly recommend him for family or individual counseling. Love that guy!     – D. L.


Dr. Butner has a quiet, calming, but honest & direct way of helping you align your moral compass and guiding you in the right direction emotionally and spiritually.  I highly recommend him to anyone who needs counseling, whether adult or teen, individual, couple, or family.  Have been counseled by him in all of these areas and his insight is remarkable.  It’s a God thing.  Go see him!     – L. T.


He has counseled my son and myself for over a year.  He has helped us tremendously.  We are better people because of him.  I admire that he is a christian man and devotes his life to serve our Lord and Savior in the field of counseling.  (a needed service).     – D. F.


Dr. Butner has been my counselor for about three years and he has also counseled my daughter and briefly met with my husband.  He is an excellent counselor, he has wonderful insight into problems and he has great listening skills.  He has helped me through some very difficult issues with my family and my own personal growth – emotional and spiritual.  I admire his honesty and maturity.  I would highly recommend him.     – M. G.

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