OK, one more comment for the week.  Today begins my official voyage into the Bluetooth era.  I recently purchased a stick-shift pickup truck, and was surprised at how much the cell phone quickly became an issue.  So, I got a snazzy new flip phone with a camera and Bluetooth capability, and immediately purchased the hundred dollar earpiece the Cingular guy recommended.  I have mused about how much cell phones are changing our society, and not for the better.  More recently, I have been struck by how these little magic Bluetooth earpieces seem to be getting a hold on people.  Well, let the self-righteousness come to an end.  I’m in the club.  It will be interesting to see if I can notice my own relational behavior, and how it is impacted by the $100 button on my ear.  I sincerely hope I will only be using the gizmo for my travels in my truck, and not walk around oblivious to the people all around me, but we’ll see.   Next thing you know, I’ll be typing away on a “CrackBerry!”  More later.

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