What Goes Around Comes Around

Yesterday was my last day at my office in downtown Baton Rouge.  Transitions can be difficult, and this one has been no exception.  The last couple of weeks have run the spectrum of highs and lows, and all the hubbub has worn me out.  My fellow counselors have made it very clear how much they will miss me, and how much I mean to them and to the center as a whole.  And we have been slowly saying our goodbyes in different ways for the past week or so, which is draining, even when it is a blessing.  So yesterday when I went to the office, I was really hoping for a low-key final goodbye and not any big production, because I just didn’t have the energy left for a big production.  Well…

I was not prepared for the love and respect I received from the wonderful secretaries that are the life-blood of BRCCC.  WOW!  Their gifts humbled me and broke my heart with joy.  Their words and laughter and hugs made something very plain to me – they have grown to deeply love, appreciate, and respect me during my time with them.  And the reason for this is plain to me, as well:

I have appreciated, respected, and served them as they have worked hard in a lesser-paid, lesser-praised position than I have been in as a counselor there.  And what goes around comes around.  I am so thankful for what I have learned from these faithful women, and for the rich blessing they have been to me during our sojourn at BRCCC.

And not only were the secretaries generous in their gratitude, but the janitors were great yesterday, as well.  These three knuckleheads have kept me laughing, and kept my office clean, for two and a half years, and I will miss their fun and playfulness.  I am glad we could share a big hug and photo op yesterday, and I will cherish that as I cherish the memories of Judy, Mr. Shelton, and Lionel.

And so I post this as a way of honoring and thanking them for their rich outpouring, as well as to encourage you to take the time to serve and respect and appreciate those who are taking care of you, whether at the office or at home.  Not only is this the way of life to which Jesus calls us, but it is also the way of life which leads to rich rewards money simply can’t buy.

My cup runneth over!

Lisa, Beth Anne, Maria, and Amber – thank you so much.  You are the best!!!

p.s. – In this regard, I highly recommend a little book that impacted me tremendously a few years ago.  While it is not written from a religious perspective at all, but rather more of a professional coaching type of angle, I found it to be a fantastic illumination of “The Golden Rule” taught by Christ centuries ago.  It is called “Leadership and Self Deception” by The Arbinger Institute.

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