Swamped with Blessings


Normally, I really hate feeling swamped.  That feeling when I seem to be so behind and scrambling to catch up, certain that it won’t really happen and someone is going to end up very frustrated or disappointed with me.  I hate that feeling!  Ironically, one of my favorite things to do when I really feel swamped is take a mini-retreat to the Bluebonnet Swamp.  Well, okay, sometimes it isn’t so much a mini-retreat as just escaping or avoiding the pressures I feel.

But that isn’t what I’m posting about today.  Whew!

As of today, I am officially feeling swamped with blessings.  And since I have this virtual platform, I thought I would share my little ray of sunshine with you.  My counseling practice is growing, giving me the opportunity to provide for my family, while helping struggling people in the process.  For a couple years or so now, I have been a part of a wonderful church and a wonderful fellowhip where I am increasingly finding freedom, joy, contentment, and purpose.  I am beginning my second year of participation in Men’s Fraternity, which has blessed my life immeasurably, along with an even bigger group of guys than last year.  I am increasingly having opportunities to share seminars with various groups, which I really love, also allowing me to provide for my family while helping and encouraging others.  I am getting my virtual classroom set up for my first semester as an online adjunct professor with Liberty University, with my course beginning on Monday.  My relationship with my wife has emerged from the doldrums we endured some months ago, and we are very much enjoying our friendship, partnership, and service in the Kingdom together.  I am about to begin offering my counseling services one day a week in the nearby community of Hammond, which is also exciting.  Let’s see – what am I missing?  I am making new, deeply meaningful friendships lately.  The wonders of online social networking technologies of various kinds have increasingly afforded me the opportunity to encourage and respond to people in places all around the globe.  God has called me out to join the fight against human trafficking, and I still have no idea what that is going to mean for me, but I believe it will be profoundly meaningful.  Have I mentioned lately how much fun and challenge it is being a parent?

So, as you can see – I’m swamped with blessings.  I much prefer it to being swamped with pressure and stress.  And I may just take my self to the Bluebonnet Swamp anyway!

Blessings to you.

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