Pure Halloween Wisecrackery with no Substantive Value

Just logging on to say I was somewhat disappointed to see there was no “Bob for Swine Flu” (aka – Bob for Apples) tub at our church’s Fall Festival (churches aren’t allowed to actually call Halloween parties “Halloween parties,” are they?!) this evening.  As a consolation, I was thrilled to see, tucked away in a corner, the “H1N1 Nibble” (aka – Donut Gobble).  What could be more delightful than taking a big bite out of a sugar coated, deep fried carbolicious morsel, laden with the flu-season slobber of the previous five kids who pecked and licked at the dangling pastry before your turn in line?  I mean, that’s what I call livin’ on the edge!

Thanks to all the volunteers who took time to carefully inject the donuts with strawberry flavored Purell before the big event!


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