Practicing What I Preach

I find myself this morning very aware of the challenge to practice what I preach.  I regularly encourage my clients and online followers to make it a priority to take good care of themselves, and live with such a balance in life that this flows naturally in one’s daily rhythm.  I also challenge folks to act on conviction, rather than impulse, and this often means doing what you don’t feel like doing at the moment.  And I am now feeling under the weather with serious chest congestion, while facing a major business transition that needs considerable attention and effort.  Rest?  Work?  Rest?  Work?

I think I’ll stop for a few minutes of focused prayer-rest, seeking God’s direction on how to face today.  I am tempted to try to figure out how to face the week, but I know I really can only face today.  And trying to tackle the whole week today will probably just tire me out anyway.

walking with God

If you are interested in more thoughts along these lines, I recommend reading John Eldredge’s latest book, “Walking with God.”

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