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If you have been a regular visitor of HopeForYourFamily for a while, you have likely noticed several recent changes.  I think I’ve probably finished my current updating phase, and will be putting me blog energy solely into posting on a frequent basis.  In today’s culture (especially online), it is so easy to put far more into surface than into substance.  The world of blogging has gotten pretty fun and flashy of late, but I do not want to forget my mission here at HopeForYourFamily – To glorify the Triune God by equipping and encouraging my neighbors to live their very best in all their life roles and relationships.

And I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to some of the folks who have been instrumental in breathing new blogging life into me:

Scott “The Nametag Guy” Ginsberg – Among other things, thanks for your fantastic article on how to develop a great blog.

Brad Palmore and TheoBloggers (and others) – Thanks for beginning the Christian Blogger Awards this year.  Being a finalist really sparked new life into my site and helped me make some great new online connections.

John Dobbs – Thanks for being you online, and for being such a Blogging Barnabus!

Sarah Stirman – Thanks for adding that cool bookshelf widget to your blog.  Exactly what I’ve been looking for!  😀

Parkview Baptist School website – Thanks for introducing me to Bubble Share, a cool way to share photos on a blog.

Trey Morgan – Thanks for being such an encouragement to me as I continue pouring myself into my blog, hopefully for the glory of God and the blessing of our neighbors, wherever you may be.

Jimmy Callahan – Thanks for getting me started on the blogging path, for helping me so much along the way, and for upgrading my WP version recently in the midst of my blog resurgence!

Everyone who has been commenting on my posts – I am glad to see my blog is becoming more of a dynamic community, and I continue to welcome your insights, questions, challenges, stories, and words of encouragement.

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