Lighten Up!

Life can seem so full of challenges, struggles, and obstacles that we can get really serious about everything.  Sure, there is a place for gearing up and facing the tough stuff with our best courage and skill.  But, you know, sometimes one of the best things we can do is to lighten up a bit.  Feel free to laugh at yourself now and then.  While you’re at it, laugh at the folks around you.  Now, I’m not talking about disrespect and mockery.  But let’s face it – there’s a lot of goofiness going around in the human race, and sometimes it helps just to acknowledge it by laughing at our own, well…humanity.

Take, for example, my interview tonight with Jacques Ducet, sports anchor for WAFB.  He interviewed me to get my professional insights regarding the possible parallels between what he termed the “jilted lover syndrome” and the ongoing animosity of many Tiger fans toward a certain guy who we’ll call “Nick S.” who plans to be in Baton Rouge this weekend with several dozen big guys in crimson.  Some might have cautioned me not to do such an interview, as it could be harmful to my reputation and career.  To which I say, Lighten Up!  I was intrigued to get a voice mail from Jacques, wanting to interview me.  When I called him back and found out what he had in mind, I didn’t hesitate.  “I’ll be there.  Sounds fun.”

Granted, as I write this post, we are a few minutes yet before news time, and I don’t know how our somewhat mischievious sports anchor will edit and present the piece.  But it’s cool.  I’m not worried about it.  It was a fun idea, and a good reminder to me to not take myself too seriously.  Geaux Tigers!

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