I survived my first budget meeting! (And you can, too)


Talk is cheap.  I won’t make a big to-do at this point about my new journey with my wife and family into Financial Peace via Dave Ramsey’s course at our church until I have stuck with it for long enough to have something to really talk about.  For now, I will stick to the following observations:

1. Even though our first budget meeting went approximately two hours and thirteen minutes longer than Dave recommends for a “Free Spirit” (read: rebellious type with ADD) like me, I survived to tell the tale.  My spleen didn’t even rupture, or anything.  Our future monthly budget meetings shouldn’t take nearly as long, and I am actually beginning to get excited about the process.

2. My wife, who doesn’t really get any more excited than I do about hammering out financial particulars, seems to appreciate her husband finally “manning up” and engaging in the process of financial management with her.  Guys, if you have been hiding from your finances and leaving your wife to keep the accounts together, it’s time to step up and take care of “bidness.”

3. If you have not yet learned about the power of compound interest, and how it is either working for or against you, I recommend getting educated immediately.  Dave Ramsey can certainly help you with this.

4. My wife is an amazing, lovely, and patient woman who shows me so much grace – I hardly know what to say in response.

5. When you start using cash, instead of plastic, you suddenly become aware of the importance of little things – like returning items to the store that it turns out you didn’t need for your home improvement project.

I’ll let you know how it goes.  And if you, or anyone you know, could really use some common-sense financial guidance that will lead toward genuine freedom and peace, I would heartily recommend Dave Ramsey’s materials to you.

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