I Got Your Back!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you the following message:

So as I am walking into my new office at Murphy Toerner and Associates this morning, I hear a couple of Canadian geese honking in flight behind me.  I notice their honking is getting louder, so I turn just in time to see them swoop down for a beautiful landing on the pond that serves as the natural focal point of our property.  I didn’t realize then the lesson they would soon teach me.


I went on about my morning activities, and went for a brief prayer walkabout before having lunch with my new associates.  Chief on my prayer concerns was my desire for God to show me how to be a better husband, an area where He has once again lovingly shown me needs to improve.  Approaching the pond, I noticed the two geese were still there, in about the same spot where they had landed.  I slowed down and sat quietly to watch, pray, and listen.

Maybe you know how to identify the sex of Canadian geese at a distance.  I don’t.  They looked the same to me, so I really don’t know if it was a male and female or a pair of the same sex.  I like to think they were a couple – a male and female pair – because that makes their lesson to me even more meaningful.

As I sat on the grassy bank of the pond, I noticed one goose was drinking or feeding from the water, while the other one seemed to be watching me and looking around.  I didn’t really think much of it at first.  I was more distracted with the thought of wishing I had a camera in hand.  (I had intentionally left my cell phone in my office when I walked out.)

Then something marvelous began to happen!

As the one goose finished taking its nourishment from the water, it walked up a few steps to where the other goose waited.  I thought they were going to take flight.  Instead…they switched places.  It was time to trade roles.  “Thanks for watching out for me while I was vulnerable with my head down, taking care of my own needs.  Now, I got your back.  Go get your fill without a worry about potential dangers.  I’ll keep a lookout and alert you if there is a problem.”

Tell me that wasn’t a message from God to my searching heart this morning!

And then, just to ensure I hadn’t imagined this beautiful parternship behavior, they switched roles again, with each one giving itself fully to the task at hand.  One taking care of self.  Once watching over the other.  Then we’ll switch again whenever either of us is ready.  Wow!

Who’s got your back?  Is anyone counting on you to watch theirs?  How’s that going?

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