This week, my family and I will be fasting.  Not just any old fast, either.  This one will really hit where it hurts – it’s National TV Turnoff Week!  See last year’s post to appreciate the implications of this.  The good news is, my son has developed a much greater love of the outdoors – exploring, swimming, climbing, etc.  Here’s hoping our family has grown less hooked on TV since last year.  We’ll see.

For many couples and families, turning off the TV can be one of the most powerful, life changing, life giving, relationship renewing, physically healthy, spiritually healthy moves we can make.  You don’t realize how much of your life you give to TV until you pull the plug for a week.  Will you join me?  Check out the Center for Screentime Awareness for testimonies, insipiration, statistics, and suggestions for how to fill in the TV gaps this week.  And please, send me your stories at the end of the week.

Be strong!


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