Book One, Take Two

I know some of you have been curious as to the status of the book I began writing in February of 08, as a number of folks have asked.  I am excited to bring you the latest update:

I have tabled my original book, of which I have written 2+ initial chapters.  The more I wrote, the more I realized I was trying to write my magnum opus in my first book effort.  There was just no way, at least at this season of my life, for me to complete a book with such a grand scope as I had envisioned.  And that’s okay.  Really.  I have no regrets for the time, energy, prayer, and money I invested in that work.  I learned a great deal in the process, regarding both my beliefs and the process of writing a book.

I am now writing the book which will be my first major publication.  I am excited!  I am energized!  And I know this one is not only writable for me within the next year, but also springs directly from my passion and experience in one of the chief works to which God has called me – guiding adolescents and their parents to greater peace, wholeness, purpose, and healthy relationships with one another and with others.  I am grateful to be at a place in my journey of growth, under the Lord’s leadership, where I can humbly and confidently declare myself to be gifted in this role.  It is truly delightful to recognize one’s gifting from God, surrender to His leadership in sharing one’s gift for His glory and the betterment of His children, and to have daily opportunities to do so in ways that make a real difference.  God never ceases to amaze me with His goodness!

And so, the working title of my first book is:

“Operation Adolescence! Parenting Teens with Calm, Confident Leadership”

And here is a very brief excerpt from my introduction, as it now reads:

“I really like teenagers.  There.  I said it.  I seriously, sincerely, without reservation enjoy getting to know teens.  I take genuine delight in honoring their invitation to enter their worlds by seeking first to understand them, and then doing what I can to help them make sense of their worlds and make the most of the lives they have been given.

Maybe I have the gene for it.  My grandmother wrote a heartening poem entitled “Wager on the Teenager.”  Perhaps it was my years of participation in summer camps that instilled in me an appreciation and reverence for the joy of seeing adolescents spread their wings and take flight.  I like to think it is a calling.  But who knows?  Maybe I’m just nuts.

Whatever the origins, I find few satisfactions in the world so rewarding as the experience of connecting with an adolescent and his parents, and helping them connect with one another on the road to healing, purpose, joy, and personal responsibility.  And that journey always begins with two core beliefs I hold passionately, which I will expand much further in the chapters to follow:

1. This teen really does want to live well.

2. As the parent(s) of this teen, you have what it takes to lead her/him well.”

It is too early as yet to speculate on a release date.  I really should have a few chapters on my flash drive before I go there.  I don’t even know which publishing house I will be pursuing or which door God will open in this regard (or if I will begin with the route of one of the numerous self-publishing options emerging in today’s book industry).  What I do know is that I have it in me to write this book, and it is my heart’s desire to see it make its way into the hands of the many parents, teachers, youth ministers, coaches and others who have the desire to bless adolescents and a need for some sound guidance and encouragement to do it well.  I will be grateful for your prayers, questions, comments, and challenges along the way.

With Hope in Him,


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