Forms & Fees

I am now accepting all major credit/debit cards!

Click here to download the adult intake packet

Click here to download the adolescent intake packet (To be completed by adolescent [age 10+], in addition to parent completing the following document)

Click here to download the parent intake packet (To be completed by parent of child or adolescent)

Although I am no longer filing insurance or accepting insurance network discounts, you may still be able to utilize your benefits.  Check with your insurance company about your mental health out-of-network benefits.  I am always happy to provide you with detailed receipts of our session, which include all the information and codes your insurance company will require for filing purposes.  Many of my clients file for direct reimbursement from their insurance provider, and companies are increasingly making this a simpler online process for their members.

My current rate is $125 per 55 minute therapy “hour.”

Please do not hesitate to text or call my cell at 225-333-1582 or email me at if you have any questions regarding my hours or fees.  You can typically expect a quicker reply via text message, but you are welcome to contact me whichever way is best for you.  No worries about calling my cell phone – I wouldn’t give it out if I minded you calling.  If I am not available to take a client call or other inquiry, I will simply let my voice mail provide you the opportunity of leaving me a message.

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