Fighting the Recession

I don’t know about you and your household, but times are tough for a lot of folks and our budgets these days.  I am grateful to be gifted and called by God to offer hope, healing, and guidance to those struggling with pain and turmoil in their lives.  I have been particularly thankful to be able to share a counseling ministry to teens and their parents, who can feel so frustrated and at odds with one another.  However, if people can’t afford the help I have to offer, then I can’t fully share the gifts God has given me.

In response, I have prayerfully decided to reduce my rate to $100 per 50 minute “hour,” during this time of economic recession that is impacting so many.

As always, I am also happy to provide you with the necessary codes and information for you to file with your insurance company for direct reimbursement, according to your benefits plan.  This system has worked very well for many of my clients, both past and present.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me via email ( or on my cell at 225-333-1582 if you would like to talk with me about beginning the counseling process for you or your family.  Also, please feel free to spread the word about Dr. Butner’s new “Recession Response Rate.”

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