with I AM where I am

God taught me a simple, profound lesson today.

As I took some time during my lunch break to go for a stroll with God through the beauty of downtown Baton Rouge, I heard God’s whispering voice invite me to slow down. “Shhhhh…Where are you going in such a hurry? Did you come out here to go somewhere, or to be somewhere – with Me?” As I responded in grateful obedience, slowing my steps, my mind, and my heart, I heard Him smile lovingly as He shared the words of the lesson He was glad to give me: “It does not matter where you are going, if you cannot be where you are!” Wow! Say that again, God, I sense this is important, and I do not want to miss it. “Of course, my son. It does not matter where you are going, if you cannot be where you are.”

I slowly walked in awe at the profundity (profound nature) of this simple truth, grateful to my Father for loving me enough to lead me to the stillness where I could receive His loving gift. It truly does not matter where I am going, or why I think it so important I get there, or how quickly I arrive – if I cannot be where I am. Even as I write these words, I feel the pull of our busy, bottom line culture seducing me to say “if I cannot just be where I am” or “if I cannot simply be where I am.” The more we strip away the value of being, the more we strip away the value of life. Lord, may I gratefully and humbly learn to be where I am for every today which you see fit to give me.

I slowly made my way back up North Boulevard toward my office, feeling rich beyond anything I deserve. And God decided I still had room to receive and hold one more lesson. “Roger, wherever you are going matters nothing, if you cannot be where you are. And, unless you keep walking with Me, you will never know where to go, even as you learn to be where you are.” OK, God. So you’re saying it doesn’t matter where I go, if I cannot be where I am, and the only way to know where to go is to walk with I AM where I am.

I guess part of what strikes me most about today’s lessons is how God shared them so clearly with me as I am already beginning to grow and live in these truths in ways of more mature faith and purpose than ever before. And I know it is by God’s rich grace that I continue to grow and learn and live and move and have my being. It also occurs to me that He brought me to these truths of being and walking today, at a time when He is leading me to new places in life. I won’t pretend to know the mind of God. I just know I want to continue being where I am, walking with I AM, following His lead, learning His lessons, and sharing His life.

With Peace and Hope in Him,


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