Where did these extra pounds come from?!!

I haven’t stepped on the scale for a while, probably a couple months or so.  No big deal.  Surely I’m just holding at the same weight.  Maybe even slowly shedding a pound or two along the way.  After all, I really want to lose about 30 pounds, so surely that counts for something, even if I haven’t been doing much lately to reach my goal.  So, yesterday I went to the YMCA for my second workout inside a week (impressive, I know!).  On the way out, I noticed the new fancy scale and hopped on just for the sake of it.  When the results popped up on the digital screen, I immediately thought, “All that money they spent on this top of the line, do everything scale, and it isn’t even accurate.”  Later that evening, I got on the “official” scale at my house to see just how badly the scale at the Y needed to be recalibrated.

To my horror, my back-stabbing, good for nothing, self-esteem stomping scale in my own home verified the weight I had earlier dismissed from the scale at the gym.  I wasn’t holding a steady weight from a couple months ago, and I sure wasn’t inching my way to a smaller waistline.  In fact, I have put on over 10 pounds.  Ouch!!!  How did this happen?  I mean, I really do want to get down to an ideal, healthy weight (now about 40 pounds away), so what could possibly be causing me to put on weight?

The answer is pretty straightforward, and I will share a quote from Hal Runkel, of ScreamFree Living, to put it as simply as possible:

Recipe for failure: Sacrifice what I want most, for what I want right now.

Well, Hal – you hit the nail on the head!  Ouch!!!  The truth is, it doesn’t matter how much I want to weigh less, or get that room organized, or improve this relationship, or stop that nasty habit, or whatever else, if I am not willing to keep that desire as a higher priority than my feelings of the moment.  I will reach my goals in life only when I am willing to surrender my momentary whims (which are often nothing more than the desires of my Flesh, in direct opposition to the desires of the Spirit living in me) in self-discipline and self-control, and do those things which will actually bring me toward my goals and healthy growth.

So today’s message is: It’s time for Dr. Butner to take a dose of his own medicine, and sacrifice the momentary pleasures of second helpings, rich deserts, mindless candy-munching, and the like, and experience the momentary unpleasantness of self-control so he can reach some healthier goals and places in his life – starting on the scale.

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