What Kids Need From Parents

Many parents fall into one of two extremes:

1. Sheltering their children from any potential dangers.

2. Leaving their children to figure out life on their own.

Either extreme is a big mistake!  The first robs children of valuable learning and growing opportunities.  The second offers them no guidance from your own wisdom and experiences.  Don’t get me wrong – children need both protection and freedom from their parents.  However, the best protection we can offer them comes through preparation and wisdom in the context of a Godly home.  And freedom is best experienced within the confines of healthy boundaries.

Children need parents who:

1. Stay connected with them without revolving their lives around them.

2. Regularly offer guidance and wisdom through teaching and example.

3. Allow them to make their own choices and help them learn from the positive and negative consequences of those choices.

4. Administer consistent discipline with the goal of helping them learn to make the wisest choices for themselves.

5. Daily point them to God as their source of wisdom, hope, strength, and protection.

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