Thanks for the birthday gifts, Father!

I just have to tell you about what a great gift-giver God is:

I met a fellow Christian counselor at IHOP this morning for a delightful breakfast of harvest grain ‘n nut pancakes with blueberries on top.  Good stuff.  It was the first time I had met him, and our meeting quickly evidenced to both of us that God had connected us for mutual encouragement.  That part was great, and somewhat surprising in what a quick connection we made, but not like earth-shattering surprising or anything.

What completely rocked my world was this.  As I sat by the door waiting to meet him, I noticed guys coming in to join a group of about 15- 20 guys who looked to be from early twenties to mid thirties sitting together and looking pretty happy about life.  As the last guy came in to join them, he told the waitress he was meeting a group of youth pastors, and could she point him to their table.  20 YOUTH PASTORS SITTING AT ONE TABLE AT THE IHOP WHERE I WAS HAVING BREAKFAST ON MY BIRTHDAY.  Oh, did I mention I’m just starting a new practice with an awesome group of Christian counselors in South Baton Rouge, and that my number one specialty is working with teens and their parents?!!  I told the hostess I would be right back, and went to my truck to grab a big stack of business cards.  The guys were genuinely eager to meet me and receive my cards.  Tell me God didn’t set that one up for a big birthday gift of, “Yes, son, you are making wise choices, and you have my full blessing.”!!

Then, to top it off, I stop after breakfast to gas up my truck, and listen to my voice mail as I pump.  And there’s my new boss calling to sing me a beautiful Happy Birthday blessing!

My Dad is the best!!!

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