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Jan 01 2013

Vintage Parenting 101: Life After Hurricane Gustav

As a part of my efforts to increase the accessibility of my website, I am re-posting articles from my old Parenting 101 page as stand-alone blog posts on the main site. September 5, 2008 – Family Life After Gustav I am struck with the great irony of this post as I offer some positive guidance […]

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Oct 30 2012


One of the things I have learned over the last three months of working hard to get in better physical shape and fitness condition is the power of “suiting up and showing up.” (Thanks to my recovery community for that gem!)  Some days, I just ain’t feelin the workout.  Maybe you’ve been there.  Whether I’m […]

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Oct 10 2012


There is an old saying, which I think may be Buddhist in origin: When the student is ready…the teacher appears. I have found this to be true in life.  In similar fashion, I have found that when I am willing to admit I can’t handle X, Y, Z, or the whole pile, and I am […]

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Sep 05 2012

Lead Your Family…to the Voting Booth!

This is not a political blog, and that isn’t going to change.  I’m not going to try to persuade you how to vote this November, although I will provide you with some links to other sites that may help YOU make your best decision.  What I am going to do is persuade you to exercise […]

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Aug 24 2012

Overwhelmed with Gratitude for God’s Grace

Five years ago today, God lovingly reached out to me in the midst of my self-destructive, flesh-driven spiral of idolatry (or addiction, if that works better for you) and called me out to a new life beyond anything I could imagine at that time.  Although I went through the motions (as far as almost everyone […]

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Aug 09 2012

My New Lifestyle

I have previously posted about my struggles with weight, food, exercise, and fitness.  I am pleased to report that by God’s extravagant grace, I have begun a new life.  I won’t be turning my blog into a physical fitness site, but this is certainly relevant for the spiritual journey for all of us, and I […]

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Feb 03 2012

CAUGHT! Between Death and Death

After a long and sensational ordeal of witnessing the wrestling match between God’s miraculous power and the stubborn heart of Pharaoh, the Israelite people have finally been led by God out their bondage of cruel slavery in Egypt.  He chose Moses, an imperfect knucklehead, so that all would know Who had really delivered them.  After […]

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Jan 23 2012

A Terrible Question

Ever get into a funky place where you seem restless, irritable, and discontent? Well, I do.  Sometimes for long stretches, I am sad to say.  And I have found that when I get into one of these grouchy seasons, there is one question that lurks at the heart of the murkiness.  It is a terrible […]

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Jan 05 2012


This was my most physically fit point of last year.  I don’t have an updated Wii Fit screen shot to show you today, but it is in the neighborhood of 240 (Don’t even start me on what happens to my Mii when I get on the balance board!).  Here is a brief account and analysis […]

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Dec 28 2011


It’s the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.  I am reflecting.  Never been a big “New Year’s Resolution” type of guy, and I won’t go into all that here.  But I am thinking about how the quality of my life could improve in the coming year.  For what it’s worth to you, these are […]

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