Spring Cleaning

It’s spring cleaning time at my house.  My wife and I have both hit that point over the last couple of weeks.  We want to get our house in order and experience the refreshing peace of spring cleaning.  I’ve got the yard mowed.  I even splurged on some expensive fertilizer/weed killer/ant killer and some new grass seed.  Never have I given such luxurious treatment to my lawn, but I decided it’s probably a good idea every few years.  My wife has been doing a lot of straightening and organizing and rearranging in the house, and we have gratefully had the money this year to pay a friend to come over and deep clean for us.  The yard is looking good.  Our closets are neat.  The kitchen is glowing.  The bathrooms are clean.  Even the furniture has been brightened.  The house smells fresh.


It’s nice to have things fresh and in order.  And I think it is no coincidence that we do such cleaning in the spring.  Spring is the time when all of God’s creation bursts forth with new life.  Much that has appeared brown and withered and dead suddenly perks up and becomes green and full of life and blossoms.  And so we naturally feel the desire to clean our homes and give them the same rejuvenation God is giving the great outdoors.  What a great opportunity to get our houses in order!  I’m talking now about the lives and relationships that rest and play and work and reside within the rooms and yards that we are busily sprucing up with our spring cleaning efforts.  As for me…

I need to be more active in celebrating my wife and the joy and friendship and beauty she brings into my life.  I need to savor the time with my young son when he is so eager to wrestle and be close to me.  I’ve got years to sit in the recliner and rest – but my son will be grown and gone before I know it.  It’s time I got more diligent in calling my family and friends that live away from me.  I am eager to grow more as a man of self-discipline and faith and courage.  I really need to get myself to the Y and re-conquer the eliptical machine.  My Bible and other books are not being read with the same eagerness and regularity of a few months ago.  It’s time to change that, as well.  And, my website will get along just fine without me feverishly checking it every hour or so to see how many “hits” I’m getting.  Let it go, Rog.  Plug into the real world.

But with all of this spring cleaning I’m facing in my life and home, I am aware of something bigger.  I really like my life.  I enjoy being me.  My wife is so wonderful, and we have a great marriage.  My son is the coolest kid I know.  I am so fulfilled in my work, using the gifts God has given me in a great environment with co-workers I really appreciate.  And above all of this, God remains so loving and encouraging and patient with me, blessing me beyond my wildest imagination.


How about you?

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