Soggy and Beautiful


This morning I awoke to a Baton Rouge that is both soggy and beautiful.  Sometimes life is like that.  Rains come and fall all over our lives.  As the showers fall or the storms rage, we aren’t quite sure whether to feel anxious or encouraged.  Changes are coming, as they inevitably do, but no one asked our permission first.  We can feel both peaceful and melancholy at the same time.  The rains stop and we venture out of our cover.  Enjoy the fresh earthy scents.  Pull a couple of weeds that have been loosened by the deluge.  Drink in the rich hues of green around us.

The day itself seems to be thoughtful – mournful, sad, contemplative, anticipatory.  A good day for pouring fresh rich coffee and drinking it slowly.  Read some Frost or Dostoevsky or Whitman or Nouwen or some other writer who invites you to slowly hear and consider their words.

A day made to be encountered slowly and reverently.  Not to be rushed and ignored, but lingered and savored.


Wonder what today will bring.

Even as I consider the last, I hear the fresh rainfall, which God mercifully held aloft until I reached my office.  Open the blinds to my window looking out on the grass and trees and pond and rustic red barn.  Wonder what could ever have compelled me to close the blinds yesterday.  Although I have not yet spent time today in God’s Word, I have spent time drinking deeply of His well of life, seeing and hearing and tasting and smelling and feeling Him and His wonderful creative redemptive Truth all around me.

Ever have a day like that?  We would love to hear about it.

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