Scatterplot on Isolation

Letter number two from my series, “Making the Most of Family Life.”:

crowded church

My dear young tempters,

Some of you have reported back to me your eager desire to attack and destroy families in the name of Our Father Below.  An admirable hunger, but a misguided view.  To destroy a family is a deeply satisfying achievement.  However, in order to achieve this end, the wise tempter attacks family members, not the family as a whole.  Even referring to the notion of wholeness makes me ill.  But Isolation.  Ahhh…there’s a human condition that soothes my stomach even as it stirs my hunger.  Do you want to see families of humans brought down into their proper eternal dwelling of despair?  Pull their lives away from one another.  What little power the Enemy gives them when they band together vanishes completely when you draw them out Alone.  Remember that his first desire for his helpless creatures was that they experience his revolting nature through community.  Don’t you dare allow them that pleasure!!!  Isolate them from their fellow humans, especially those assigned them by the Enemy, and you have isolated them from him.

The Enemy’s so-called “wise one” has told them that “a cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”  (Despite the frailty of his human mind, I must agree with his statement.)  Therefore, you mustn’t waste your time attempting to break the cords of family life.  Unravel them!  This can be accomplished most efficiently and completely through a variety of diabolical designs.  Let me share with you one of my favorite recipes from the Isolation Cookbook.  Less creative tempters are satisfied with the obvious methods of disconnecting family members: addictions, self-centered hobbies, creating physical distance through job changes and college and such, increasing demands at work, etc.  I, however, find that subtlety adds satisfying flavor to a well-tended family feast.

Some of you will find yourselves assigned to patients that, along with other family members, have enlisted with the Enemy.  Don’t be afraid of this situation.  Use it to your advantage!  When managed properly, church involvement can actually separate family members, while offering them no refuge in his community of light.  Pay close attention.  First, you must carefully convince your patients that involvement in church is the key to their pleasing the Enemy.  You must use the greatest of care, for the last thing we want is for the helpless creatures to actually connect with others who call on his awful name!

The development of a true community in which their souls connect with one another would be an abomination to Our Father Below.  (Some have even bought into the Enemy’s lie that our Fortress of Utter Darkness could not withstand a direct assault by such an army.  Such weak-minded fools calling themselves Demons have been properly dispatched.)  The truth is that Our Father simply abhors anything desired by his great adversary.  Always keep this in mind when meddling with human life, especially in the context of family.

As I was saying, make them think that merely bringing their bodies close to those of others in the Enemy camp will bring them into special favor with him.  Once you have them pre-occupied on such religious pseudo-community, you may begin convincing them that their family’s spiritual state is determined by such involvement.  You may now savor the experience of watching family members live in delightful familial disconnection, clinging to the belief that they are somehow connected to the Enemy, and therefore to each other, simply because they regularly sit by other Christians.  Bon appetite!

Your Adoring Instructor,


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