Scatterplot on Entertainment

Letter number three from my series, “Making the Most of Family Life”:

Howie                           Entertainment                      Mindless

My dear young tempters,

 Pop quiz – Which modern mass temptation strategy combines elements of Isolation, Selfishness, Laziness, and Proper Worship (which the Enemy insists on referring to as “idolatry”) and appears to be increasing in its effectiveness at a rate to baffle even the sharpest demon’s mind?

 Not sure?  Let me give you a few hints: It is the most widespread, subtle, and effective method of darkening human understanding among the so-called Western Culture.  It is everywhere.  And it is precisely because it is everywhere that our unsuspecting prey don’t even see it.  I believe their phrase is “You can’t see the forest for the trees!”  In fact, our experts estimate that within the span of the next two generations, every human soul in America will have either been harvested or neutralized by this strategy.  It is simply that good!

 This method is particularly useful in family life.  Countless parents, even those in the Enemy’s ranks, have been effectively neutralized in their efforts to instill His values in their children.  It’s as though they are lighting matches in the midst of a blinding thunderstorm, and they can’t figure out why their little piles of wood will not burn.  They foolishly think that they can be “the aroma of Christ” to others while their own nostrils are filled with the delightful stench of Our Father Below.  While some of his more devout followers have determined not to drink of the more toxic potions that we have offered them, they are more than willing to quench their thirst with the more watered-down concoctions.  Whether their drink of choice is lethal or not is ultimately irrelevant, so long as they drink from our concession stand and not from the horrible spring of living water that the Enemy offers.  As to the special relevance of this mode of attack to family life, it is primarily this:

 When you use this mode of attack, it is actually safe to encourage family members to spend time together!  That’s right.  It goes back to the principle that humans believe connecting with one another has only to do with the closeness of their bodies and little to do with their souls.  If I hadn’t been using this tactic for the last generation or two of family life, I probably wouldn’t even believe it myself.  The Enemy created the little fools to be in spiritual community with one another as they drink of his everlasting life.  Among the Americans we have now convinced almost all of them, His followers included, that a much more enjoyable substitute is to remain in total spiritual disconnection while filling their minds and souls with something that quenches much better than water.  After all, water is rather bland.

 I hope you need to further information to guess the strategy to which I refer.  The Enemy has told his followers, “The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.”  Good thing He quit writing to them before we came up with Entertainment!!!  Trust me, my eager young apprentices; invest your talents in Entertainment, and your patients and their families will do the same.  Even regular participation in church is not enough to produce his crops when the seed falls into this thorniest of all soils.  Just don’t ever let them become aware that their “harmless” daily offerings of Isolation, Selfishness, and Laziness are to Our Father what the Enemy would call “their spiritual act of worship.”

 Your Adoring Instructor,


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