Scatterplot Hates Keeping it Simple!

Letter five in my six-part series, “Making the Most of Family Life”:

–                                          confusion

My dear young tempters,

 Today’s strategy is not so much about learning a direct attack as it is about promoting a climate in which families are more susceptible to our other modes of assault.  Human souls are much easier to lead down the path of eternal destruction when their minds are properly clouded with confusion and doubt.  Nowhere is this more evident than in the life of the family.  Ironically, the simplest way to illustrate this concept is through the “Complexity Ploy.”  Although you can use your own artistic freedom to fill in the details, the basic premise is to convince parents (who the Enemy has regrettably equipped to be the leaders of the family) that having a successful family life is an exceedingly complicated pursuit that can only be managed by finding the proper “expert” guides.  There is some truth to this, but as always, we enjoy our greatest successes by beginning with truth, then covering a bit here and exaggerating a bit there to produce a much more practical reality.

 Although we are continually doing our best to make life as difficult and complicated as possible for the human family units, their most successful defenses against us most often come through basic principles that they can easily learn.  They may gain this repulsive, light-filled knowledge through two easily accessible avenues: reading the Enemy’s field manual and talking with other humans that have experience in doing battle with us on the family front. 

Interestingly enough, one of our best remedies to this situation has been to inspire scores of humans to hold themselves forth as the preeminent expertBy flooding families with a continually growing tide of experts, with their accompanying books and other materials, we have been able to convince many parents that they cannot possibly get a grasp on all that they must know in order to “successfully” raise their offspring.  Some of you may be aware of the presence of some humans with genuine expertise and wisdom in the arena of raising their young in the wretched service of the Enemy.  Although their access to mass human communication is lamentable, their wounds can be rendered largely ineffective when swallowed up by the flood of our experts.

 Before you go off thinking that your battles are already won for you, think again.  In order to see the benefit of these labors in the families of your patients, you must keep them out of the Enemy’s book and cut off from his seasoned veterans.  If you allow them to hear, consider, and heed the words from either source, you may find a great deal of your toil undone.

 Your Adoring Instructor,


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