It’s the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.  I am reflecting.  Never been a big “New Year’s Resolution” type of guy, and I won’t go into all that here.  But I am thinking about how the quality of my life could improve in the coming year.  For what it’s worth to you, these are my observations, thoughts, and hopes.  Do with it what you will.  I may turn it into several forthcoming blog posts.  But I’m not about to promise that.  Okay, here goes…

  1. I remember feeling physically better than I ever had in my entire life back in the early spring of 2011.  I was eating healthy and working out regularly.  That all started with a decision to surrender my appetites daily to God.  It’s time to yield to the true leadership of the LORD again.
  2. Life will be better on multiple fronts if I will read more and iPhone less.
  3. Life will be better on multiple fronts if I will blog more and Facebook less.
  4. My family has been sharing nightly (well, more often than not) devotionals together during this Christmas season.  It has been very good.  I need to find a nightly family devotional guide TODAY that we can begin to use, now that we are through the Christmas lessons.  This is a wonderful momentum, and I can see the obvious benefits of me taking the primary lead in this movement at our house.
  5. I need to practice at home what I preach in my office as a husband.  Grace, mercy, and compassion have been in short supply on my end for a while.  By God’s grace, that is changing.  It’s about time!
  6. I am eager to stay in more regular conversation with my spiritual mentor.  Daily would be good – but I’m staying away from “resolutiony” goals here.
  7. I want to grow in grace.  I think that is “my word” for this coming year.  I want to experience it more fully by embracing the gift that God so freely and eagerly offers me daily.  I want to share it more by walking more purposefully and willingly with my amazing Savior.  I want to be a grace person.
  8. God is clearly calling me to be more missional.  To be more intentional about sharing the Good News of Jesus with those around me.  Especially with my friends who are reaching out for God.
  9. Slow down more.  Enjoy the present moment and the wonder of God.
  10. Get going more readily.  When it’s time to do something I don’t really feel like doing, quit thinking about it and get with it.
  11. Be a more consistent friend.
  12. Respond to emails and phone messages more promptly.

Okay, 12 seems like a good number.  I’ll stop there.  But here’s the deal.  I’m not beating my self up about the growth I still see a need for in my life.  Gracious!  Who do I know that isn’t still in need of growth?!  I am grateful for my life today.  I am grateful to be the man I am today.  Just as I am.  Aiming high.  Falling short.  Aiming low.  Rising above.  Succeeding.  Failing.  Enjoying.  Whining.  Leading.  Punking.  Worshiping.  Slacking.  And doing it all in the grace of God.  Bring on 2012 – so long as I get to face every day in God’s grace.

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