Post-Gustav, Pre-Ike

GustavGustav’s path              Ike 2 Ike’s path?
For those of us still trying to regroup and put our lives and homes back together after Gustav, I know we are all watching Ike’s path with prayerful concern.  Two basic tips:

1. Remember everything you did to prepare for Gustav that helped, and add to that everything you realized you should have done after the storm did its damage.  Put your plan and preparation into action, if Ike continues on his current path.

2. Don’t panic.  The worst case scenario is this bad boy heads straight across open waters, smashing into New Orleans and ripping through Baton Rouge.  (Okay, I’ll admit that’s MY worst case scenario).  But even if the worst should happen – GOING INTO A PANIC WILL MAKE IT WORSE, NOT BETTER.

In prayer and preparation,


p.s. – After posting, I went back and read two previous posts from previous years regarding the storms of life.  It did me good to read my own lessons learned.  Let’s face it – I’m in a storm season, as are many of my regular readers.  I hope these posts are helpful for you now.

“Surviving the Storms in Life”


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