Parenting Toward Character Goals


Our kids’ teachers all have learning goals and lesson plans all outlined for our children’s development in the coming months.  They are going to be very intention, deliberate, and persistent in leading our kids toward growth in these areas that have been chosen to facilitate their intellectual and social development.

As a parent, have you taken time to prayerfully consider what character goals you will set for your children to work toward this school year?  Isn’t their character development even more important than how well they learn algebra and Western literature and chemistry?  If you haven’t set any goals for character development in your kids this year, I want to strongly urge you to do so.  I would encourage you to select two primary character issues for targeted development per child this year.

As a follow-up to my August 25 Parenting 101 interview on WAFB, I will be posting a series over the next two weeks regarding setting intentional character development goals for your kids this school year.  Come back regularly for practical guidance on ways to lead children and adolescents toward growth in specific areas of character, such as courage, integrity, respect for others, self-respect, personal responsibility, and servanthood.

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