Nothing ever gets done “later!”

This simple statement is the foundation of a radical change that has been occurring in my life over the last few weeks. Procrastination has long been one of my great weaknesses, and the source of much needless stress in my life. Well, I recently had an epiphany – one of those moments of clarity where you suddenly see things from a whole new viewpoint of meaning. I was listening to a cd from a motivational speaker named R. Duane Huff when it occurred to me how often I say to myself in so many different situations, “I’ll do it later.” I could see this mentality as one of the biggest roots of my procrastination problem, and decided then and there to eliminate the phrase “I’ll do it later” from my vocabulary. So far, so good.

I realize there are times when more than one thing need my attention, and I know I can’t do everything right now. So, here is the second part of my new approach to life, and this was the part Duane was addressing that turned the light on for me: If I can’t do something this moment, I need to decide in what future moment I will give it my attention, and commit to it. This doesn’t mean I’ll do it “later!” It means I’ll do it at a future “right now” moment, because everything gets accomplished in the “right now” real moments of life.

I am still working on the particulars of my personal organizational style and system, but I am already making great strides forward. And, man, am I getting more accomplished! I think the reason this change is sticking with me (as opposed to past “resolutions” that passed within days) is the profound degree of peace and serenity I am enjoying as my life is coming into greater order. My office is being transformed. My space at home is shaping up. Even my truck is looking neat. I am amazed at how much better I feel as I look around and see the elements of my life in proper order, no longer crying out for attention whenever I can “get around to it!” I suppose the motivation behind “I’ll do it later” was “I don’t feel like dealing with this right now.” I’m not going to tell you I suddenly enjoy dealing with the tedious details of daily life, or the intimidating situations where I wonder if I have what it takes. What I can tell you is I wouldn’t trade my growing level of daily serenity for a whole pile of temporary moments of relief provided by procrastination.

If things are going so great for me now, I can’t imagine how much greater my life will feel after ragweed season is over!!!

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