Not Alone

Sometimes I feel like I have to face life and its struggles all alone.  Sometimes I isolate my self by believing I have to do it all on my own – and then I really feel alone.  And I know there are many others feeling this way.  I hear it in the pain of teenagers.  I see it on the face of brokenhearted wives.  I sense it in the weariness of husbands.  It spills out in the cries of parents.  Feeling weary and burdened is bad enough.  Feeling weary and burdened and alone is Hell on earth.

But we are NOT ALONE.  When we are willing to risk being vulnerable with others, there are people around us who are there to encourage us and lend us their strength.  And there is One who is always with us, always loving us, always offering us love, strength, acceptance, mercy, and guidance.  And this is very Good News!

I need to be reminded of this regularly, so I thought you might could use an encouraging reminder as well.

Tenth Avenue North – “By Your Side”:


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