New Year’s Recognitions

New Year’s Resolutions can be a great way to refocus and improve our lives and relationships.  Self-improvement is all well and good (although I have experienced much more improvement in my life through surrendering to God than through anything I have been able to do for my self), but I have decided to put that energy into offering some recognition of some very deserving folks as we ring in the new year.

To all of you who are actively engaged in the critical tasks of investing in the lives of children and shaping them toward healthy adulthood…

THANK YOU for your parenting efforts.  No, you aren’t perfect.  Yes, your best efforts do make a tremendous difference.  What you do matters more than you will ever know!

Mothers – Thanks for giving so much of your selves, and for your loving sacrifices to be there for your kids.  You have the most significant role in the world!

Fathers – Thanks for your hard work, and for your willingness to show your kids how to handle life well.  You have the most powerful position in the world!

Step-Parents – Thanks for choosing to love the children who came as part of the package deal of marriage.  You have the most underrated role in the world!

Single Parents – Thanks for doing whatever it takes to provide for your kids, keep them healthy and well, and teach all those life lessons along the way.  You the most challenging position in the world!

Parents in recovery – Whatever your life struggle or addiction, thanks for working two full-time jobs in addition to your career: parenting and recovery.  As you work on your self and “clean your side of the street,” you actively improve the lives of your children.  You have the most thankless role in the world!

Grandparents – Thanks for sharing your lives with your grandkids, and for doing so much to make them feel so special.  You have the most blessed position in the world!

Extra “Parents” (teachers, coaches, youth pastors, other mentors) – Thanks for investing in the kids in your lives in so many meaningful ways that make such a lifetime difference.  You have the most supportive role in the world!

And to all of you who parent in one way or another – May you take the time to savor the difference you have made in the lives of your kids.  New Year’s Resolutions are great, but don’t forget to enjoy the tremendous victories of parenting you have made over the last year.  THANKS!!!



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