New Leadership

Well, America has spoken, and spoken resoundingly…”We need new leadership!”  As always, regardless of party, platform, ideology, etc., my hope and prayer is that the people of our nation will seek God and strive to live what is right.  My prayers are with President-elect Obama and the rest of our newly elected leaders.  I am under no delusion that my humble blog is a hot spot among our national elected leaders.  However, my hope is that some of these folks would read “A Failure of Nerve: Leadership in the Age of the Quick Fix” by Edwin Friedman, a man who I genuinely believe understood human dynamics as well as anyone since Jesus walked the streets of Jerusalem.  I’m not saying Friedman understood us all as our Lord does – not for a minute.  But this guy got it like few ever have in history.  We need strong leaders with the nerve, backbone, guts, or whatever you want to call it to stand up against the current climate of anxiety, emotional reactivity, elavation of safety over adventure, and elevation of personal “rights” over personal responsibility, and make choices based on integrity and principle.  I sincerely hope and pray Obama is that kind of man.  May God bless Barack Obama, and may God bless America!

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