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Alright, this one is going to kick some shins and draw some backlash, but that’s how I roll.  Before you rush out to pick out a cell phone for your pre-teen, ask your self a few simple questions:

1. How old were you when you got your first cell phone?  (Why is that such a ludicrous question?!!)

2. What kind of horrible places are you sending your kid where they really need this kind of instantaneous emergency access?

3. Why do you think they can’t easily find another way to contact you?

4. Have you taken time to REALLY PREPARE your child for the tons of new choices she or he will have to make with this technological marvel strapped to their hip?

5. What has your child done to prove his or her trustworthiness with this much tremendous responsibility?

6. Have you considered how much responsibility this is bestowing?  (texting, sexting, porn, Facebook, Twitter, forums, approximately 4.3 bazillion apps, etc)

7. Have you read this article yet?

8. Is your preteen really ready for this?  Are you?

And if you REALLY want to take some time to mull this over, put on a pot of coffee and check out this presentation by the wonderful Kaiser Family Foundation.

Just some food for thought…

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