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Men of Greater Baton Rouge,
For the past 5 years I’ve either taught or attended Men’s Fraternity. It has helped shape me as a man, husband and father. I don’t know a man who has attended and given attention to the lectures and the discussion who hasn’t been deeply challenged ~ most of whom have also been changed because of it.
There are few places were a man can go and be open and honest about where he is and hear where others are all moving toward authentic manhood as described in the Bible. I challenge you to give 24 weeks of your life to this life changing material, in the life changing context of other men “calling each other up.”
Is it easy? No. Can you fit it into everything else that you’re doing? No. You’ll have to make room for it and then commit to it in Jesus Name! Hope you take the challenge. You will not be disappointed. Unfortunately, I’ll not be there this year as responsibilities will have me in other places. As I can, I hope to attend. But you will find wonderful men to join you in the journey to be the man God as called you to be.
In the journey with you,
M. Kevin McKee
The Chapel



As a  Christian marriage and family therapist, you might think I pretty well have it all together. I don’t. Knowing how to guide others to living at their best and practicing this in my own life when the going gets tough are two very different things! I am personally urging you to get involved with Men’s Frat because I know how it has challenged and equipped me to “practice what I preach” in my own life.
This will be my third year to participate in Men’s Fraternity, and I am eager to come back for another round. I am eager to see how God will improve my marriage, family life, and spiritual journey through this experience this year. And I can’t wait to see what He will do in the lives of my friends who are participating for the first time.There were times in both of the last two years when I did NOT want to get up and go on Friday morning. I didn’t want the guys to ask me how I was doing in my marriage. I didn’t want to be enthusiastic for others while I was struggling so much in my own world. But I showed up and got real week after week (okay, a Men’s Frat buddy did have to wake me up once when I overslept). And my marriage is better for it. My friendships are better for it. My heart as a father is better for it. The quality of my spiritual life is better for it. Life get tough, and sometimes we just want to run and hide, or take the easier, softer way, or lash out at others.

If you will commit to being a part of this fellowship and really being honest about where you are, you WILL be more capable of walking the tough roads of life. And if you regret having spent your time with us, you be sure and let me know so I can do what I can to make it up to you. Seriously.With Hope in Him,
Dr. Roger D. Butner


Don’t let this great opportunity pass you by. Please take a moment now to register online.
Kevin McKee
Roger Butner



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