Men – Prepare for Launch!


Are you a man looking for more out of life?

Are you a guy who is tired of relationship difficulties or a lack of fulfillment or purpose?

Are you ready to finally move beyond the baggage of your past and move into the future you’ve always imagined, but never really dreamed was possible?

Are you a husband who is struggling with how to get your marriage on track?

Are you a father who doesn’t know what went wrong with one or more of your kids, or you just feel intimidated as to how to lead them well?

Are you a man who feels you just aren’t living up to your potential, but don’t know how to break through your mediocrity barrier?

Would you like the opportunity to mentor some younger men?

Would you appreciate the guidance of an experienced mentor in your life?

Would you love to be able to say you’ve got it all together, but you know that would be far from the truth?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, I would urge you to look into Men’s Fraternity.  For more information about our Baton Rouge Group, to find a group in your area, or just to find out more about Men’s Frat, click on the “Men’s Fraternity” page listed in the right-hand column of my website.

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