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Happy Valentine’s Day!

valentines day

In the spirit of celebrating love and intimacy, I know of no greater guidance to share with you than that offered in Philippians 2:1-11.  No, this passage does not refer to marriage, and it is not one of the classic love passages.  Even so, I think it is the best succinct passage I have ever read on how to have a successful marriage.

Try this little exercise.  As you read through this short passage, add the words “in your marriage” at the end of verses two, three, and four.  Then carry that spirit throughout the remainder of the reading through verse 11.  Powerful recipe for marriage, isn’t it?!

Given that it is Valentine’s Day, how about taking the exercise a step further?  Into your bedroom.  This time, rather than adding “in your marriage,” add “in bed” at the same places.  Now that’s some sanctified sex therapy!!!

I am very hesitant about passing out guarantees.  But I’ll guarantee you this – if you and your spouse will practice the guidance of Philippians 2:1-11 in your marriage, YOU WILL HAVE AN INCREDIBLE MARRIAGE THAT OTHERS WILL LOOK TO AS A MODEL.  Furthermore,  if you and your spouse will practice this way of life in your sexual connection, YOU WILL HAVE A BETTER SEX LIFE THAN DR. RUTH OR SUE JOHANSON COULD EVER SHOW YOU.

Blessings to you and your special Valentine today!

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