The Prodigal’s Dad – Lesson Three: Who’s Responsible?



We’ve all heard the term “helicopter parent.”  The parent who feels compelled to follow around with constant monitoring of their child or teen, ensuring everything goes as planned.  So let me ask you this: have you EVER heard the term used in a positive light?

Didn’t think so.

Why is that?  It’s because we all know deep down that this is not good.  It does not allow our teens to exercise their own judgment and learn their own lessons.  If they are not allowed to fail, then they will miss their greatest opportunities for learning and growth.  So why do we, as parents, still feel compelled to hover and take responsibility for them?  It is primarily a function of our own fear.  Rather than dwelling on what may go wrong, we must choose to focus on remembering how our teens have learned from previous lessons, and the kind of growth, maturity, and responsibility we are eager to see in them as they move into adulthood.

Just as the Father of the Prodigal is clearly a man of faith, so must we place our faith not only in God, but also in our kids’ ability to learn, grow, and shine.  The more we believe in them, the more we will see them rise to the challenge of responsibility.

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