Kudos to NBC!

Parents of young children, take note: NBC has added two programs to their new Saturday morning lineup that are expressly Christian in their message!  Tune in to your NBC affiliate at 9:00 am on Saturday to catch the very popular “Veggie Tales.”  The storytelling, silly songs, moral message, and good times are very engaging to children as they help teach them the right things to believe and do in real-life situations – based on the Word of God.  Then at 10:00, be sure to check out either “3-2-1 Penguins!” or “Larry Boy,” which are set to share the half hour time slot.  These programs are a bit more dramatic and adventurous than “Veggie Tales,” but also serve to teach healthy Christian morals to children.  I would strongly encourage you and your family to make the most of this entertainment/educational opportunity.  Watch the shows with your kids.  Talk with them during and after the programs about what they have seen.  How do they relate to the characters and situations, and what have they learned?  Have a Bible handy, and look up the relevant stories and verses after the show.  It will offer a direct blessing to your family as they grow in their knowledge of God.  If you will help spread the word to other families, and the programming really catches on, we can send a powerful message to “Hollywood” about the kind of shows we want for our children and families.  Be sure and pass on the word to others with young children, and maybe even pass along a word of thanks to the NBC execs.  By the way, don’t be surprised if you find yourself looking forward to Saturdays mornings – Veggie Tales are really a lot of fun!

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