Incredible Dad Moment

Last night I experienced not only one of my all time best Dad moments in my five year “career” as a Dad, but a moment that was truly one of the highlights of my life to date.

My son is an extremely gregarious kid who seems always on the go, and who we regularly refer to as “all boy.”  However, he frequently feels intimidated and shy with new people in new situations, especially if it is a somewhat large or loud setting.  So I didn’t know how he would face going to his first ever sports “tryout.”  We signed him up for soccer in our church league, thinking it would be a good opportunity for exercise, building friendships, learning to follow other authorities’ directions, and developing greater self-confidence.  But I was really kinda nervous.  I feared he might crumple and hide when he felt “in the spotlight.”

Wrong!  He was beaming!  It was incredible to behold!  As I sat up in the bleachers with my mother-in-law watching him, I saw something new and wonderful growing in my son – right before my eyes.  He didn’t need me to hold his hand and guide him through it.  He was eager, attentive, (relatively) focused, and just brimming over with confidence and joy.  Kinda reminded me of the story of Crane from “The Secrets of the Furious Five!”  (DVD sequel to “Kung Fu Panda” – watch it.  It will change your life.)

I am so thrilled at how he defied my anxious, rather low expectations and soared with his own wings.  I just had to share that with you today.  May you experience heights of joy in the very near future.

A Thrilled Dad,


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