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As the image above reflects, we are all making statements every day with our lives.  The choices we make are proclaiming who we are and what are our motives and goals.  And the words we use matter.  Yes, our words matter greatly.  What words, phrases, statements, or questions are you repeating with regular frequency?  Parents should be particularly mindful of this matter.  BECAUSE OUR CHILDREN ARE LISTENING.

I have recently been challenged to reflect on this, and to be more selective and deliberate with the words and statements I use most often with my son.  We have a window of time in which we have a great opportunity to imprint life messages deep into the minds of our children – messages that will last a lifetime.  At nine years old, my son’s lifetime imprint window may not be open to me for too much longer.  I need to make the most of it NOW!  As I have been considering this issue for the last couple of weeks, I am relieved to realize that I have not been habitually bombarding him with words or statements that I regret.  No degrading, damaging, or defeating messages there on any kind of regular basis.  Good.  Are you passing that basic minimum test?  I hope so.  Now, what about the words I am imprinting upon him…

Okay, for the last couple of weeks, it has been a lot of “Now we cookin with peanut oil,” “Hey,” “Frogs are a delicacy,” and “…Jack!”  Yes, our cable-free family has finally joined the masses in our love of Duck Dynasty, since I received the first two seasons of DVDs for Father’s Day.  Okay, beyond that, I have come to the realization that I haven’t really been sharing any particular words or statements with my son with deliberate regularity.  At least, none that really jump out at me.  And so, my wife and I are working on nailing down a few key life values that we want to intentionally repeat to our son and to one another so that we impress them deeply into each of our hearts.  Here are a few we are working on.

People are more important than screens.

Being godly is more important than “being right.”

We forgive so we can be free.

Did you do your best?

How does that glorify God?

Well, we will continue working on this, and I’ll let you know what our “final” list looks like.  How about you?  Wouldn’t your family benefit from you taking the time to consider the words and statements you really want to impress most deeply upon them through your continual sharing of them in daily life?  What is on your list?  I would love to hear about it – either here, or on my Facebook page.  Blessings to you and your family as you do your best to lead them well.

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