I could do that!

I hope you and your family are enjoying the 2012 London Olympics as much my family and I are.  We love the Olympics!  What a wonderful time of inspiration, where so much that is good about the human spirit is showcased and celebrated.  It is even serving as an extra push for my family and me as we make changes in our health and fitness.  I mean, working out on the elliptical machine while watching Olympic athletes compete for gold is just way cool.  And you should have seen my son tearing up the pool doing laps yesterday!

Watch some Olympics broadcasts with your kids.  Whatever their age, ask them who their Olympic heroes are, and what are their favorite competitions and moments.  And ask them if there is some sport, pursuit, goal, life achievement, etc that they would like to pursue.  Encourage them!  Believe in them!  Cheer for them!  However lofty their dreams may seem to you, do what you can to breathe life into them.  Who knows?  Your son or daughter may just be the next _______.  And by believing in them, not only do you increase their odds of achieving their dreams, but you also let them know that with all the naysayers in this sometimes ugly world, there is at least one person who truly believes in them.  And don’t we all need to know that?

Be a gold medal parent!  And get your speech ready.  NBC may be interviewing you in four years (or eight or twelve).  : )

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