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When it comes to moviemaking, you don’t often hear of production companies that look to the story of Jesus taking five loaves and two fish and feeding thousands as inspiration. Nor do you hear of productions committed to daily prayer for their efforts and the impact that their movie could have on society.So maybe we shouldn’t surprised by what FIREPROOF has done in theaters across the country. Only five times before FIREPROOF came along had a movie been made for a budget of $500,000 or less and done more than $30 million in box-office receipts. Talk about your fish and loaves.But all along, from the initial story idea to the 800 theaters that will still be showing the film this week, the focus has been about the impact of this film on moviegoers. Impact like this:

“My wife had filed for divorce in August after 20 years of marriage. … Through God, we saved our marriage and the movie was a model for both of us. The music is inspirational; I play it every day, and I gave my wife the soundtrack for her car. We read The Love Dare together at night. We are closer than ever, and we are in a completely different world with God at the center of our lives. FIREPROOF is a God-given message to us to come to Him with our lives and to heal our marriages instead of tossing them aside, as our disposable culture would have us do.”

The more than 2,100 stories posted at FireprooftheMovie.com help tell the story of the difference FIREPROOF has made in the lives and marriages of the 4 million people that have seen it since it opened in late September. If movie theaters focused on impact, the run for FIREPROOF would be endless.

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