Hiding in the Bushes

Sometimes (more often than I really like admitting) I get intimidated by a challenge or responsibility in life, and I just feel like running to hide in the bushes.  It could be a really critical situation where I am keenly aware that the stakes are high, and I am holding some serious responsibility.  And the more I think about it, the more I get intimidated and want to hide.  Or, it could be a supremely mundane situation where the stakes are about as high as one individual may not care for the decision I make.  And the more I think about it, the more I get intimidated and want to hide.

Hmmm...Who's that youngster in the back that looks like Ms. Garanflo had to drag out of hiding back in '78?

Hmmm...Who's that youngster the teacher had to drag out of hiding in '78?

Mankind has been finding ways to run and hide from difficulties since the Garden.  We may have found many ways of hiding (alcohol, drugs, procrastination, pornography, Facebook, performing, hobbies, and on and on), but the results are essentially the same.  When I hide from possible difficulty, and do something easier or more pleasant, I am basically declaring that I can’t trust God to see me through, and I had better do things MY way.  And this always leads to disappointment and some measure of misery.  Yet when I am willing to fully face life on life’s terms, and trust that God will provide me with EVERYTHING I need to get through any situation He expects me to face, my life is really infused with a deep sense of peace and security, and I seem to overflow with joy.

You know – life really is better out here in the risky places with God.  Care to join me?  Care to ask me when you think I might be hiding in the bushes?  Care to make a wisecrack about my pre-pre-kindergarten class picture?

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