Guiding Teens Through Five Major Dating Dynamics

Your teen wants to start dating. But is she/he ready? Are you? Does she know what boundaries she needs to follow? Does he understand how to conduct himself as a gentleman? Have you discussed sexual morals and guidelines? Curfew? Budget? Phone limits? Driving rules? Drinking issues?

As a professional teen expert and the Dad of a 15 year old who now has both a driver’s permit and an interest in dating, I’m here to offer you some clear, comprehensive, and practical guidance on how to parent your kids through these complicated dynamics. Our sons and daughters need us to have very clear, direct, authoritative, and proactive conversations with them on a regular basis about the important things in life. The tricky things in life. The things they will not likely do well without guidance. And dating falls squarely under each of those categories! Stay tuned in the coming days. I’ll be offering five articles to help you prepare and guide your teen through five major dynamics of dating:

  1. Sexual Morals and Guidelines
  2. Specific Rules
  3. The Lost Art of Being a Gentleman
  4. Phone/Communication Issues
  5. Practical Tips

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