It has been almost a full three weeks since my last post. As I was reflecting on why this is, it occurred to me. My life has been really full. Not in a frantic, can’t slow down, can’t catch up, I’m running ragged and feeling frazzled kind of way.

Full, as in: I just finished a great meal at Lambert’s Cafe and enjoyed every bite. I spent several hours on the beach and at the pool today with my family and friends and we had a great time. (Our vacation last week was tremendously refreshing!) Went to the movies last night with a good friend and enjoyed another good rendering of comic books to big screen. Working hard with my wife to help our son master potty training. My wife and I drawing closer together as we share our lives with a friend. Managing a full case load at my counseling office, but still enjoying a 45 hour work week. Getting more involved with my neighborhood as we try to re-establish good leadership in our neighborhood association. Stepping back up to lead worship on a regular basis at our church. Generally enjoying summertime with my family. And the list could surely go on.

So, for now – I am full and content. And posting on my website has somehow taken a back seat. But I’m back at it now, so look for me to get back into a rhythm of offering weekly insights into better relationships and general living. Tune in tomorrow (Tuesday, June 26) to WAFB at 7:15 for my Parenting 101 segment on the MySpace/Facebook generation.

ps – OOOPS!!! The Parenting 101 segment is always at 6:15 am, not 7:15 am. Hope I didn’t throw anyone a curveball with my typo. As soon as WAFB.com uploads the interview video from today, I will post it on my Parenting 101 page.

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