Lately I have been noticing a few folks using the shorthand, “FTW!” on Twitter. I tried looking at the various contexts to figure out what words were being expressed by these three letters, but I just couldn’t figure it out. So, I took a risk and asked a buddy to explain. Let’s face it, admitting we don’t know something and asking for help can be a real challenge for us carriers of the Y chromosome.

My friend was very gracious about it, and explained it without giving me a hard time.  Whew!  Turns out, “FTW!” means “For The Win!” and is used to signify that someone basically sank the winning basket by doing or saying whatever you just referenced in the post.  The example he used was, “George Lucas remade ROTJ without Ewoks, FTW!!!”  To which I replied, “Thanks for the tangible example, (friend). Like, Lucas remade Ep. 1 with light-saber duel btn Jar-Jar & Darth Maul, FTW!”  To which (friend) replied, “Great job, Roger! But, to complete it, it must be clear that Darth Maul emerges as the victor!  FTW!!!”  To which I replied, “Well, (friend) – I think anyone who needs that reassurance would fail to appreciate the beauty of the comment in the 1st place!”

I hope you enjoyed that little stroll down a Star Wars inspired Twitter tangent.

My ultimate point is this: I’m wondering how often I approach life “For The Win!!!”  I definitely have a FTW! attitude sometimes, making choices with intentionality, passion, and excellence.  Sometimes, however, I totally settle for just good enough.  A tie will be fine, just don’t want to lose.  Or even worse – I don’t mind losing this one, as long as I don’t get annihilated.

I’m not saying I have to “win” or “be the best” at everything.  But am I living life each day FTW!, or just doing enough to stay out of last place in the division?  Hmmm…

When was the last time you did something in such a way that it would have been so fitting to have ended it with a loud, “FTW!”?   Just wondering.

(I chose to withhold the name of my friend on Twitter for two reasons.  One, he has his posts marked as private, and I will honor his preference.  And two, I would hate for you to change your high view of this good friend of mine, and begin seeing him as some sort of Ewok-hating maniac.  And to those who are offended by my obvious disdain for Jar-Jar Binks, well, I happen to know a great therapist!)

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