Equipping Your Teen For Dating: 5. Practical Tips

Today, I’ll wrap up this series on equipping our teens for dating by sharing just a few simple, practical tips that can help our kids have the best possible experience while they’re out enjoying each other’s company.

  • Have enough gas in the vehicle before the date begins. I told you these tips were simple. But this one can sure save some hassle for inexperienced drivers going out without Mom and Dad.
  • Have enough money for whatever is planned or may reasonably happen. This could save some serious embarrassment. Then again, some serious embarrassment can make for quite an effective teacher.
  • Know directions between all destinations before leaving. Yes, I know we live in a GPS-dependent culture. And our kids even more so than us. Which is why this is important to impress on them, so that they aren’t totally dependent on a system that might just fail them when they need it most.
  • Dress for success. While this one may not be too big a deal that often, help your teen understand the importance of knowing what the appropriate dress (casual, dressy, formal) is for specific occasions or locations.
  • Take time to instruct or practice with your teen in preparation for any special activity that may be new or unfamiliar (dancing, bowling, etc.). I’m not saying to make a mountain out of a molehill, but you really might make a big difference in how confident your teen feels with a date and other friends if they are doing something new. We always want to do what we can to set our kids up for success.

What other tips have you found useful to share with your teens regarding their dating experience?

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