Connection Illusion

Humans are wired for connection.  We all need relationships – family, romantic, friendships, community, etc.  In our constantly changing world of wireless connectivity, we seem to be more connected to more people than ever before.  Between cell phones, text messaging, instant messaging, email, blogging, MySpace, Blackberries, and so on, we have constant access to more people than the world has ever dreamed was possible.  So, why do so many people feel so empty, disconnected, and alone?  Now, I’m not saying technology is our enemy or the reason for this empty disconnect.  However, I do believe the more we allow technology to lead in our relationships, the more disconnected we will feel inside.  What we really crave most in our relationships is for someone to be there.  I need to know that I matter enough to someone else that they will stop whatever else they are doing to be there for me in my time of need.  Sending me an electronic drive-by greeting or multitasking me into your schedule just doesn’t fulfill.

So, here is my challenge…If someone in your life is worth being there for, then really be there for them.  Grab that cup of coffee.  Have them over for dinner.  Turn off the TV/computer/cell phone, and sit and talk and listen.  Take your spouse out on a date.  Take your kids out on a date.  Get to know your next door neighbors.  Get to know your neighbors at church.  This will take effort, and will demand that you say “no” to other things.  It is worth it.  You will have to say “no” to many people and opportunities so you can say “yes” to a few people and opportunities that really matter.  You’ll be glad you did.  You won’t have as much entertainment in your life.  You won’t miss it.  You will have greater fulfillment in your life, be more appreciated by others, and find your relationships much more meaningful.  You’ll see.  Be There!!!

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